Tuesday, January 5, 2016

1/4 recap

Big 12:
@Kansas 109, Oklahoma 106 - largely unimportant on the grand scale; both are on the 1 line for now and pecking order will be determined by later games
West Virginia 95, @TCU 87 - road wins are never trivail

@Virginia Tech 70, Virginia 68 - talk about a catastrophic loss, it's going to take a lot of good against the upper division to erase this one.  This is the type of loss that costs someone the 1 line
North Carolina 106, @Florida St 90

@Monmouth 81, Canisius 66
Iona maintains pole position at 4-0 in the conference

In the SWAC, Southern had the best non-con of them all, so naturally they're now 0-2 in conference play

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