Thursday, January 14, 2016

1/13 recap

Big 12:
Oklahoma 74, @Oklahoma St 72
@Baylor 82, TCU 54

Big East:
@Villanova 83, Marquette 68
Georgetown 93, @St John's 73 - GU is probably still dead, but this was mandatory to stay alive

@Colorado 71, Oregon St 54
USC 89, @UCLA 75 - USC has more or less broken away from the bubble pack

@Clemson 68, Duke 63 - well, there you have it, Clemson is a legit bubble team now.  And for the ACC, they're giving up a lot of ground collectively on the S-Curve
@Syracuse 62, Boston College 40
@Virginia Tech 93, Wake Forest 91 - I know it's a road game, but darnit Wake, you were just beginning to sniff the bubble
@Notre Dame 72, Georgia Tech 64 - neither team in exactly great shape here
Florida St 85, @North Carolina St 78 - and it's tough to see either team mattering

@Purdue 74, Penn St 57
@Ohio St 94, Rutgers 68

@Alabama 73, South Carolina 50 - that should stop the USC bandwagon from careening out of control.  Still a bubble team, I think
@Georgia 81, Tennessee 72
@LSU 90, Ole Miss 81 - well give LSU credit, they're maintaining their pulse now.  Bigger news is trying to figure out what to do with Ole Miss

@VCU 88, Fordham 54
St Joseph's 87, @George Mason 73
@Richmond 83, LaSalle 61 - status quo in the A-10 is good news
@St Bonaventure 69, Rhode Island 64 - yeah, URI is dead, but now SBU has a chance here

SMU 79, @East Carolina 55
@Cincinnati 70, Houston 59 - Houston had their chance to prove they're real and....nope.  Probably ideal result for AAC, to just let Cincy and UConn build whatever resume they can and everyone else dies off
@Memphis 67, Temple 65 - it's tough to find an at-large road for either of these teams

@Indiana St 74, Northern Iowa 60 - jesus christ, UNI
Wichita St 78, @Missouri St 62

San Diego St 69, @Colorado St 62
Boise St 74, @Nevada 67 - it's probably good news for the MWC if SDSU and Boise run and hide from the these road wins are big

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