Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1/19 recap

Big 12:
@Oklahoma St 86, Kansas 67 - Kansas is off the 1 line.  Remember, everyone, their overall profile is not as strong as it has been in previous years.  A clear loss in a situation like this is punishable via a seed line.  As for Oklahoma St, they still have a lot of work to do to, but this at least gets them back on the radar for the time being

Big East:
Georgetown 81, @Xavier 72 - speaking of falling off the 1 line, you just have to hold at home in these situations if you're Xavier.  There's no other way to put it.  Georgetown is another team that was off the bubble and now is within shouting distance, but they need more than this
@Providence 71, Butler 68 - Butler is a clear #4 and Provi is a clear #3 in this conference.  Solvent

@Maryland 62, Northwestern 56 (OT) - a golden chance goes begging for NU.  They're going to have to get one or two like this somewhere down the road to have a chance
@Indiana 103, Illinois 69

@Virginia 69, Clemson 62 - this doesn't hurt Clemson one bit; three signature wins in a row are enough if - IF - they follow it through with road wins over teams they're supposed to beat.  Virginia ain't one of them
NC State 78, @Pittsburgh 61 - an absolutely pathetic loss by Pitt that will be worth multiple seed lines

@Texas A&M 71, LSU 57 - this doesn't really hurt LSU since this is the toughest SEC game on the board and they have other wins, but it just reduces margin of error elsewhere
South Carolina 77, @Ole Miss 74 - this really hurts Ole Miss who needs computer profile help; and USC solidifies their position a bit
@Florida 81, Mississippi St 78
@Auburn 83, Alabama 77 - Bama doesn't have a half-bad profile but can't stop hurting themselves

Dayton 85, @St Bonaventure 79 - you're sensing a theme today - fringe bubble teams who couldn't quite play their way into legit bubble talk.  St Bonaventure is one of 'em

@SMU 77, Houston 73 - Houston desperately needs profile help, and they let their one big break get away
@UConn 60, Tulane 42 - all UConn can do is beat these cupcakes for now
Tulsa 84, @East Carolina 69 - every road win counts

MWC:  San Diego St beats Fresno at home, still not completely dead from bubble talk
MVC:  Evansville keeps winning...
MAC:  NIU wins and still leads there

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