Monday, January 18, 2016

1/17 recap

@Colorado 91, Oregon 87 - home team wins, so it's status quo.  Well, Oregon gets dinged a bit because I thought they were above the bubble fray (and still are)
@Utah 59, Oregon St 53

@Wisconsin 77, Michigan St 76 - a catastrophic loss for MSU.  What are they doing?
@Iowa 82, Michigan 71 - Iowa is now the top seed in the B1G.  Wait, what?

@Florida St 69, Virginia 62 - there's a real pattern of UVa failing on the road emerging.  They are losing multiple seeding lines now

Big East:
Creighton 91, @DePaul 80

SMU 60, @Tulane 45
UConn 69, @Houston 57 - Houston, if you were real, you had to win that one

@Wichita St 82, Indiana St 62

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