Saturday, December 8, 2018

12/4 recap

Michigan 62, @Northwestern 60 - finally, someone wins a road game in this conference.  Looks like UM is the prohibitive favorite in the league
Indiana 64, @Penn St 62 - and it looks like PSU isn't as good as people thought

Providence 100, @Boston College 95 (OT)
Oklahoma 85, Notre Dame 80 - neutral site win; ACC taking a couple modest hits today
@Penn 89, Miami 75 - I suspect this loss won't look as bad as it seems, but Miami probably isn't an at-large team now
@Cincinnati 78, Northern Kentucky 65 - NKU should run the Horizon, so this win should have modest value for Cincy
@Belmont 76, Lipscomb 74 - I'm ready to call both teams OVC favorite and A-Fun favorite, respectively
Georgia St 83, @Alabama 80
@New Mexico St 100, New Mexico 65
@Memphis 88, South Dakota St 80
Florida 66, West Virginia 56


Caleb said...

Maybe by “finally” you just mean there haven’t been a lot, but Msu beat Rutgers and Wisky beat Iowa both on the road on the first day of big10 play.

Caleb said...

Which im pretty sure you also said was a quality road win for Wisconsin