Saturday, December 22, 2018

12/12 recap

@Houston 82, LSU 76 - there's something to be said for winning all your games.  However, nothing resonates on Houston's schedule as a signature win.  They'll be a wild card in seeding because of that.  We'll also have to see how much the AAC lets them run away with the conference (I'm guessing they won't)
@Louisville 72, Lipscomb 68 - Lipscomb seems to be fairly competent this year
Murray St 80, @Southern Illinois 52 - the MVC is going down in flames.  And we're headed for yet another year where Murray and Belmont spend the year just on the outside of the bubble discussion.  I want to give them a chance but we've seen the same script before with them
@Oregon 65, San Diego 55 - would've been a nice coupe for the WCC, but alas.  The conference still has had a good non-con.  Much more than can be said for the Pac-12

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