Sunday, December 2, 2018

11/27 recap

This time of year, tough to get to a computer daily for these things.  I'll play catchup through the holiday season, we'll be diligent in January on, as per usual.

B1G/ACC dick measuring contest:
@Duke 90, Indiana 69
@Louisville 82, Michigan St 78 (OT) - the difference between the 1 line and the 2 line is that 1 line teams win quality road games consistently
@Penn St 63, Virginia Tech 62 - don't overreact to "upsets" where the home team wins
@Iowa 69, Pitt 68
@Wisconsin 79, NC State 75
@Notre Dame 76, Illinois 74

MWC/MVC dick measuring contest (yup, these guys have a challenge too!):
Nevada 79, @Loyola(Chi) 65 - with the rest of the MWC struggling, I'm wondering where Nevada's seed will end up.  Started ranked high, and they're delivering results.  I'm very curious to see how the metrics, polls, and selection committee align on this
@Drake 83, Boise St 74
Southern Illinois 82, @Colorado St 67

Temple 79, @Missouri 77

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