Thursday, March 3, 2016

3/2 recap

Michigan St 97, @Rutgers 66
Wisconsin 62, @Minnesota 49

Miami 68, @Notre Dame 50 - the Miami to the 1 line is gaining steam.  Critical game coming up for them:  UNC and Duke.  A UNC loss gives the chance of a solo ACC title which could mean everything
@Virginia Tech 65, Pittsburgh 61 - means more to the NIT bubble for VaTech than the NCAA bubble for Pitt

Oregon 76, @UCLA 68
@Washington 99, Washington St 91
@USC 81, Oregon St 70 - a good stabilizing win for USC; a question for Oregon St because the raw number of losses are adding up and @Cal is next

@West Virginia 90, Texas Tech 68 - TTU isn't completely clear yet of the bubble, you guys

@VCU 70, Davidson 60
@St Bonaventure 98, St Joseph's 90 - Bonaventure might be too hot to keep out of the tournament now.  Also, remember when we made a big deal of St Joe's undefeated road record?  This is why - they can now spend a couple of "good" road losses late in the season without it hurting them too badly

@Butler 85, Seton Hall 78 - a critical hold for Butler
@Providence 70, Creighton 66 - an even more critical hold for Provi

Arkansas 62, @Alabama 61 - your nominee for catastrophic loss of the day

A-East quarterfinals:
Stony Brook 86, UMBC 76
Hartford 68, Albany 59 - right away, the 2 seed is gone and the path is wiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open for the Brook now
Vermont 99, Maine 82
New Hampshire 56, Binghamton 51

NEC quarterfinals:
Wagner 59, Robert Morris 50
Fairleigh Dickinson 74, St Francis(PA) 72
LIU 84, Sacred Heart 76
Mount St Mary's 60, St Francis(NY) 51 - a couple of mild upsets should clear the path for the 1 and 2 seeds here

OVC 1st round:
Austin Peay 92, Tennessee Tech 72 - the 5 seed that tied for 2nd place is out
Murray St 78, Eastern Illinois 62

NITWatch:  Ole Miss beats Mississippi St...K-State beat TCU...Boise over Nevada and Fresno over CSU in the MWC...Long Beach St won again.  They're sneaking up on the bubble

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