Sunday, March 13, 2016

3/13 S-CURVE 3.0

I have absolutely no confidence in the 9 bubble teams I have listed.  God have mercy on my soul

The 1 line:  Kansas (30-4), Michigan St (28-5), North Carolina (28-6), Virginia (26-7)
The 2 line:  Oregon (27-6), Villanova (29-5), Oklahoma (25-7), West Virginia (26-8)
The 3 line:  Xavier (27-5), Miami (25-7), Utah (26-8), Kentucky (26-8)
The 4 line:  Indiana (25-7), Duke (23-10), Purdue (26-7), Iowa St (21-11)
The 5 line:  Seton Hall (25-8), Texas A&M (26-8), Texas (20-12), Maryland (25-8)
The 6 line:  California (23-10), Baylor (22-11), Notre Dame (21-11), Arizona (25-8)
The 7 line:  Iowa (21-10), Wisconsin (20-12), St Joseph's (27-7), Providence (23-10)
The 8 line:  Colorado (21-11), UConn (23-10), Dayton (25-7), Texas Tech (19-12)
The 9 line:  Butler (21-10), Gonzaga (25-7), Wichita St (23-8), Oregon St (18-12)
The 10 line:  Pittsburgh (20-11), Cincinnati (22-10), USC (21-12), Monmouth (27-7)
The 11 line:  Michigan (21-12), St Bonaventure (22-8), Temple (21-11), San Diego St (23-9), Syracuse (19-13), Northern Iowa (21-12)
The 12 line:  South Dakota St (24-7), UNC-Wilmington (23-7), Arkansas-Little Rock (27-4), Chattanooga (27-5)
The 13 line:  Yale (21-6), Stony Brook (24-6), Fresno St (23-9), Hawaii (25-5)
The 14 line:  Iona (22-10), Middle Tennessee (22-9), Buffalo (19-14), Stephen F Austin (23-5)
The 15 line:  Green Bay (21-12), Weber St (23-8), Cal St-Bakersfield (21-8), UNC-Asheville (20-11)
The 16 line:  Hampton (20-10), FGCU (16-13), Fairleigh Dickinson (16-13), Southern (19-12), Austin Peay (16-17), Holy Cross (14-19)

Last 5 in:
St Bonaventure
San Diego St

Last 4 out:
South Carolina
St Mary's


HenryMuto said...

I think Kentucky should be a 3 seed based on the win today but I just wonder how much the committee factors in the Sunday games. Had Kentucky lost I would have said 4 seed for sure but it might be to Kentucky's advantage to be a 4 seed they would likely get the South where as a 3 seed they could go anywhere being at the mercy of the other teams situations and what is left.

I think the toughest calls are as follows and I think these are going to be "4 point" calls you will get 6 pts for getting both the last 1 and first 2 seed but if you miss the last 1 you will miss a 2 seed costing you 4 points. The people who do well in brackets today will be the ones getting the last 1, the last 2 and the last 3 seeds correct to me those are the toughest spots.

Last 1 Virginia who lost or Oregon who doubled the championships.
Last 2 West Virginia or Xavier
Last 3 Kentucky or Indiana/someone else ?

HenryMuto said...

How much will they take into account Michigan State's game ? I think they get a 1 seed with a win but will they really take that game into account maybe they give Oregon the 1 and MSU a 2 and not worry about that game.

Andrew said...

They have computers that hopefully help the bracketing process, so I bet they are building two brackets right now. One with Oregon and one with Michigan St.

I don't think the last 2 is a tough call; I do think the Last 1, Last 3, and everything about the 8/9 lines are going to be everything.

If you offered me 67 of 68 teams correct, I'd take it right now.

Andrew said...

It is going to be absolute carnage on the Bracket Matrix, by the way. This bubble is so wide and so many different permutations are out there.

HenryMuto said...

I think you need to put in VCU I think they are a near lock and not even in the last 4.

SD ST and Syracuse are debatable and I am leaning on leaving them both out. Michigan is very hotly debated you are higher on Monmouth than most but I am putting them in and dying with them if they are out just because one guy told me they had no chance of making it (though they are in my last 4 in)

I will post my 68 teams right before 5:30 and thank you daylight savings time losing 1 hour and thank you for moving it up to 5:30 losing another 30 minutes stupid committee!

Andrew said...

I'm starting to lean on VCU over Vandy and SDSU right now. But how in the world is it a lock. 2 wins over tourney teams. Good road record but other bubble teams have that same feature. Good SoS but other bubble teams have that same feature. I fail to see their distinguishing feature.