Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/29 recap

Barclays Center Classic:
Virginia 45, Rutgers 26 - FINAL.  Bennettball!
Vanderbilt 68, LaSalle 55

Emerald Coast Classic:
Ole Miss 66, Cincinnati 54 - actually a nice tourney for Ole Miss.  This and Creighton are two wins with value.  By default, they're your #4 SEC team.  Not good for Cincy, though
Creighton 57, Middle Tennessee 47

Great Alaska:
Colorado St 65, UC Santa Barbara 63 - CSU leaves Alaska with 3 wins and a darkhorse at-large candidacy
Pacific 55, Mercer 48
Washington St 89, Missouri St 84 (OT)
Alaska-Anchorage 65, Rice 54 - this isn't helping CUSA

Corpus Christi:
TCU 61, Mississippi St 52 - neither of these teams are good, please don't fall into the record trap and assume TCU is good because 7-0
St Louis 60, Bradley 57

@Old Dominion 73, VCU 67 - and there's the mild upset I was anticipating.  This is no real knock against VCU, this loss will only be a problem if it's followed with more losses.  ODU enters the at-large conversation for the time being, if only on the periphery
@Harvard 75, UMass 73 - critical win to help offset the loss to Holy Cross for Harvard.  I'm still not sure how high a seed they can get.  As for UMass, they still have a ridiculous amount of quality road games (LSU, Provi, BYU) in the non-con, so this doesn't hurt.  Yet
@Wichita St 75, Tulsa 55 - Wichita is good /analysis
@Seton Hall 58, George Washington 54
@Wyoming 78, New Mexico St 75
Belmont 83, @Ohio 81
@BYU 90, Eastern Kentucky 76

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