Tuesday, November 25, 2014

11/25 preview

So many tournaments going on.  There's way too many to list, so just reference my tournament post below for matchups.  I'm just going to highlight the best tournaments to pay attention to:

Maui's semifinals:  Pitt/SDSU and Kansas St/Arizona
Progressive Legends Classic:  VCU has a must-win against Oregon, and Villanova/Michigan could be for premier seeding in March
CBE HoF Classic:  Iowa St/Maryland for the title

Non-tourney games:
Arkansas at SMU - Arkansas could use a signature road win given how awful the SEC is.  SMU could use any signature win after their slow start.  High stakes game
Omaha at Nebraska - Remember, Omaha just beat Marquette on the road
Miami at Charlotte - But didn't Miami just beat Charlotte 2 days ago?  Yep.  They won the Charleston Classic, which was a 3 game tournament for everyone.  But you're allowed 4 games in an exempt tourney.  So some of the teams in it scheduled a 4th game against a team in the field.  This is one of them.  Akron/Penn St is another.

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