Saturday, November 29, 2014

11/29 preview

Some of the tourneys are now over, or are waiting until Sunday to finish instead of today.  Among the few going today:
Emerald Coast Classic finals:  Ole Miss/Cincinnati
Great Alaska Shootout finals:   Colorado St/UCSB
Barclays finals:  Virginia/Rutgers

VCU at Old Dominion - not a trivial road win if VCU gets it.  Tough game
Massachusetts at Harvard - UMass has built up some early-season resume equity.  This would be a big one.  It's even bigger for Harvard, who needs to add some beef to their own resume
Tulsa at Wichita St - house money chance for Tulsa
George Washington at Seton Hall - yet another game where both teams are around the periphery of the bubble.  Big for both
New Mexico St at Wyoming - Wyoming is hovering in the vicinity of the bubble, they need to get every game like this in the win ledger

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