Saturday, November 15, 2014

11/14 recap

Impact results:
@Georgia Tech 80, Georgia 73 - Early ding for the SEC, early boon for the ACC
Charleston Southern 66, @Ole Miss 65 (OT) - And speaking of early dings for the SEC, here's a big one.  CSU should be good in the Big South, but still.  Yikes
UMKC 69, @Missouri 61 - S-E-C!  S-E-C!  S-E-C!  S-E-C!  S-E-C!
Louisville 81, Minnesota 68 - No real harm to Minnesota for losing this.  In their ideal world, this won't mean anything for Louisville either
@VCU 85, Tennessee 69 - The better team takes care of business at home

Quick hitters:
@Duke 113, Presbyterian 44 - holy margin of victory batman
Boise St 81, San Diego 75 - Boise might be near the at-large picture.  This was a neutral win
Virginia 79, @James Madison 51 - Only notable because it was a road game for Virginia
@Iona 78, Cleveland St 73 - MAAC and Horizon could be competing for a spot on the 13 line in March.  Not a trivial result
@Massachusetts 95, Siena 87 - Probably too much to ask Siena to bink a road win here
@BYU 95, Long Beach St 90
Fairleigh Dickinson 58, @St Joseph's 57 - Early ding for the A-10
Cornell 68, @George Mason 60 - Another early ding for the A-10.  Ruh roh
@Wright St 73, Belmont 70 - Mid-level Horizon team over top OVC team
@Temple 40, American 37 - Not a halftime score.  Patriot favorites lose on the road
@North Carolina 76, North Carolina Central 60
@Kansas 69, UC Santa Barbara 59 - Actually a decent sign for UCSB to hang in there for the game
Houston 77, @Murray St 74 - Notable, as the OVC favorites can't hold serve at home over a bottom half AAC team
@Wichita St 71, New Mexico St 54
@Utah St 72, Weber St 61
Michigan St 64, @Navy 59 - Closer than desired
UTEP 65, Washington St 52

And finally, all the big boys not yet listed won comfortably.  Kentucky, Arizona, Wisconsin only gave up 31 points to Northern Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Nova, Gonzaga, Iowa St, SDSU, UConn, SMU, Ohio St, Syracuse....I could go on and on.

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