Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/21 recap

Game of the day:
@Virginia 59, George Washington 42 - Virginia solidifies its status as a potential protected seed, GWU isn't hurt by this, but definitely not helped

Around the tournaments:

Coaches v. Cancer:
Duke 74, Temple 54
Stanford 89, UNLV 60 - Boy, I thought UNLV was better than this

2K Classic:
Texas 71, California 55 - This could be a big year for the Big 12.  This is a start
Syracuse 66, Iowa 63 - Iowa walks away with the dreaded goose egg.  Plenty of chances to rebound though, no worries

Charleston (semis):
Miami 79, Akron 51 - Not a trivial result for Miami, it's a decent win and this team might be a lot better than we thought
Charlotte 65, South Carolina 63 - There's the SEC we know and love.  Miami/Charlotte in the finals
USC 72, Drexel 70
Penn St 72, Cornell 71

Puerto Rico (semis):
UConn 75, Dayton 64 - UConn taking care of business so far
West Virginia 70, Boston College 66 - UConn/WVU finals
Texas A&M 59, Charleston 50
New Mexico 69, George Mason 58 - After a bad loss, a mandatory win for UNM

Paradise Jam (quarters):
Gardner-Webb 72, Clemson 70
Seton Hall 68, Nevada 60
Old Dominion 70, LSU 61 - It's not a complete day until the SEC blows a game they should've had
Illinois St 73, Weber St 64

@Kentucky 89, Boston 65
@Oregon 78, Toledo 68 - Pretty good chance for Toledo to barge into the at-large fray, but it goes begging
@Florida 61, Louisiana-Monroe 56 (OT) - Holy crap what are you doing Florida?
@Xavier 81, Stephen F Austin 63 - Ok, now we know why SFA schedules so soft every year - they aren't actually that good
Iona 85, @Wake Forest 81 - Ouch for Wake, but hey...MAAC favorites, on the road at an ACC bottomfeeder?  Seems like a reasonable result
@Colorado St 80, Georgia St 70 - GSU was everyone's favorite mid-major darling coming into the year.  Should they have won this game?  It might've been too much of an ask, sure, but they're behind the at-large 8 ball a little bit.  They have roadies remaining with ODU and Green Bay in the non-con...they need to get one, and maybe both, because the rest of their SoS will be awful
@Long Beach St 69, Kansas St 60 - And here was what I was talking about yesterday.  This won't hurt KSU as much as you think
@Hawaii 74, Pittsburgh 70 - And this will hurt Pitt, but again, true road game on the way to Maui.  Committee won't punish them too much for this.  Don't overreact on these last 2 results

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