Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/17 recap

Impact result of the night:
Miami 69, @Florida 67 - Is Miami better than we thought?  This would be a big step for the bottom half of the ACC.  The conference has struggled with depth recently, and this helps.  As for Florida...the SEC is a tire fire.  You can't afford to drop these games in the same way, say, Michigan St or Virginia can.  Costly.

Notable results:
@Gonzaga 72, SMU 56 - Solid home win for Gonzaga, SMU doesn't get hurt too badly by this result
@St Mary's 83, New Mexico St 71 - NMSU better win the WAC.  As for St Mary's, a good win which will look better if they string more such similar wins together
@Temple 82, Louisiana Tech 75 - Yes, LaTech was on the road, but they're CUSA favorites and Temple is down.  This hurts a bit
Winthrop 77, @Clemson 74 - Yeah, what I said about the ACC above?  This result wipes that progress out
@Iowa St 81, Georgia St 58 - GSU didn't need to win, but the final margin stings a bit

Quick hitters:
@FGCU 81, UC Santa Barbara 75 (OT) - Probably little impact to their potential seeds in March, but a nice matchup of good teams early in the season
Northwestern 69, @Brown 56 - Only notable as a road game for NW
@TCU 81, Washington St 54
Wake Forest 71, @Tulane 49
Ole Miss 74, @Troy 64
@Colorado 90, Auburn 59

Winners over cupcakes:  Louisville, Michigan, Villanova

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