Friday, November 21, 2014

11/20 recap

Impact result of the day:
@Indiana 74, SMU 68 - For Indiana, a good win to start.  They're a bubble team this year, so every scalp matters.  The real news is SMU.  2 road games at Gonzaga, and Indiana.  There's no sin in losing either game individually, but both?  For a team that lost out on the NCAAs last year because of a weak SoS, whiffing your signature win chances in the non-con isn't a good way to start.  Chances will be limited for them in conference play.  They host Arkansas and UCSB...and go to Michigan...and that's about it for the non-con chances.

2K Classic:
Texas 71, Iowa 57
California 73, Syracuse 59 - I'll admit I'm a bit surprised.  These 4 teams feel more even right now than you'd think

Puerto Rico:
Dayton 55, Texas A&M 53
UConn 65, Charleston 57
Boston College 69, New Mexico 65 - Perhaps the only mild upset in this tournament.  New Mexico is now trapped in the bad half of the draw, and remember, the Mountain West is down.  UNM kinda needed these quality win chances and won't get them now
West Virginia 91, George Mason 65

Charleston Classic:
Akron 66, USC 46
Miami 66, Drexel 46
Charlotte 106, Penn St 97 (2OT)
South Carolina 69, Cornell 45

@San Diego St 51, Cal St-Bakersfield 27 - yeah, 27
@Purdue 82, Grambling 30 - boy, there's some bad offense going around
Niagara 61, @St Peter's 59 - irrelevant game.  But I'm pointing this out because;  It's a conference game!  Conference play is ALREADY underway!  My God, MAAC.  What are you doing
@St Mary's 78, Denver 62

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