Thursday, December 8, 2016

12/7 recap

@Kentucky 87, Valparaiso 63 - this doesn't hurt Valpo any
@North Carolina 83, Davidson 74 - this doesn't hurt Davidson any
@Gonzaga 98, Washington 71 - yawn
Creighton 77, @Nebraska 62 - remember, road wins matter, even when you're the superior team
@Colorado 68, Xavier 66 - and this is why road wins matte.  You can easily lose games to competent teams on the road.  No real harm for Xavier, except for the theoretical chance at a 1 seed
@Indiana St 72, Butler 71 - this road loss might be a bit dicier, as Indiana St is a level down from Colorado or Nebraska.  Butler should be fine as they built up a fine resume to this point, though
George Mason 85, @Penn St 66 - and then there's road wins like this that just prove that Penn St is irrelevant
Harvard 74, @Boston College 66
@Pittsburgh 84, Buffalo 79
Georgia Tech 76, @VCU 73 (OT) - VCU is likely not gonna be doing much this year
George Washington 66, @Temple 63 - Temple lost to New Hampshire, GWU, and UMass, and beat WVU and FSU.  What is going on here
@SMU 74, TCU 59
@Grand Canyon 76, San Diego St 72 - what in the world, SDSU?
Seton Hall 60, California 57 - this should be a quality neutral site win, useful for the resume

Mid-major junction:
North Dakota 74, @North Dakota St 56 - reminder:  the Summit is down this year
@Tulsa 70, Illinois St 68
@Northern Iowa 86, South Dakota St 58 - things are really wide open for Fort Wayne in the Summit this year
Loyola(Chi) 77, Wright St 64 - looks bad for the Horizon, good for the Valley
UAB 84, @Stephen F Austin 73 - I'm now fully out on the Southland, just slot them in Dayton already

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