Friday, December 23, 2016

12/21 recap

@Louisville 73, Kentucky 70 - this could help or hurt the case for a 1 or 2 seed for these teams, but otherwise not much bracket impact here.  Both these teams are where they expected to be overall
@North Carolina 85, Northern Iowa 42 - just in case you were wondering, it's safe to check out on UNI now
Virginia 56, @California 52 - road wins are never trivial, remember that.  ACC is going to have a tricky logjam at the top - 4 teams legitimately in the 1 seed race
Clemson 62, @South Carolina 60 - pretty crushing loss for USC here.  Remember that quality win chances are down in the SEC, this was a lost chance to add some resume heft
@Dayton 68, Vanderbilt 63 - all these holds at home really matter to Dayton's resume now
Georgia St 64, @Middle Tennessee 56 - MTSU had actually been assembling a half-decent resume, but this is a major blow
Auburn 74, Oklahoma 70 - neutral site wins like this matter too
@Alabama 67, Arkansas St 52 - Arky St had also gotten off to a nice start, so this isn't a trivial win

Catastrophic loss of the century:
St John's 93, @Syracuse 60 - there are no words

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