Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12/27 recap

Big 10:
@Wisconsin 72, Rutgers 52
Northwestern 87, @Penn St 77 - NU is a very light 12-2 team right, so every single road win matters so much.  If you play light, you need to beat the bad road teams.  More of these nervy games are coming up, though
@Maryland 84, Illinois 59 - well, this helps us define Illinois' status a bit
Michigan St 75, @Minnesota 74 - such an important hold for MSU, they can't lose toss-up games anymore after wasting a lot of their margin of error in the non-con.  And such an important loss for Minny, they've got to win these swing games to get in

SMU 58, @Memphis 54 - Memphis wasn't awful in the non-con, so this is actually a decent win and important for SMU, one of the tougher conference games for them right here

Kent St 63, @Texas 58 - just in case you thought Texas was still alive.  It's going to be interesting to see whether they're 6-12 bad or 2-16 bad in the Big 12 - how many catastrophic losses can they deliver to the conference?

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