Friday, December 30, 2016

12/29 recap

Big East:
@St John's 76, Butler 73 - what an awful, awful loss for Butler.  This puts them a half-step behind the other teams as far as jockeying for seeding position goes

Kentucky 99, @Ole Miss 76
Florida 81, @Arkansas 72 - road wins are never trivial.  Arkansas kind of needed this to legitimize their resume
Georgia 96, @Auburn 84 - you can just copy the above comment for this one
Tennessee 73, @Texas A&M 63 - ditto.  This one surprised me a bit more, I had A&M pegged as a better team than this.  The SEC can't exactly afford several teams to be lumped together in the upper half of the conference, it'd be nice for them to get separation and establish quality teams (and quality win chances) as a result
Vanderbilt 96, @LSU 89 - good lord will someone win a home game

Gonzaga and St Mary's win their openers...this conference season will be all about avoiding land mines for these two.  No one else, not even BYU and surprising San Fran, figures to be relevant to our interests this year

Western Illinois 93, @IPFW 91 - that's an awful loss
Lipscomb 81, @Missouri 76 - lol
@Drake 102, Loyola(Chi) 98 - in case you thought Loyola was relevant

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