Friday, December 2, 2016

11/30 recap

@Indiana 76, North Carolina 67 - as always, everyone should just wait and see exactly how great these teams will be, before deciding the actual resume value of the win for IU here
@Virginia 63, Ohio St 61
St Mary's 66, @Stanford 51 - this St Mary's thing continues to be serious.  Another road win, and every road win is a signature win for a mid-major
@Louisville 71, Purdue 64 - you'll note I won't have much to say on these types of games where the home team holds...modest boost to UL, no real harm to Purdue, and the circle of life goes on
@Arizona 85, Texas Southern 63
@TCU 86, Washington 71 - still don't believe in TCU, but worth monitoring the W-L for awhile
Temple 78, @St Joseph's 72 - road wins!
Virginia Tech 73, @Michigan 70 - road wins!
@Miami 73, Rutgers 61
Middle Tennessee 77, @Ole Miss 62 - good sign for MTSU and CUSA, even if Miss is way way down
George Mason 54, @Northern Iowa 50 - well, that's not good
Colorado St 72, @Colorado 58 - both these teams felt like bubble-minus teams, so not sure how much value to put on this yet
@California 68, Louisiana Tech 59 - near disaster, and it might be time to lower expectations for Cal
@Boise St 71, SMU 62 - road wins are difficult
@Clemson 60, Nebraska 58
Fort Wayne 103, @Austin Peay 99 - road win
USC 76, San Diego 55 - road win
BYU 77, @Utah St 63 - road win

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