Saturday, December 24, 2016

12/23 recap

@Auburn 70, UConn 67 (OT) - road wins matter, this one a lot, because it's a sign Auburn is a player this year
@Boston College 79, Providence 67 - the reasons road wins matter?  Losses like this, which wreck a resume pretty badly
@Seton Hall 72, Rutgers 61
@Oakland 86, Georgia 79 - another reasons road wins matter.  Oakland's a decent team, of course the public won't care about that
@Minnesota 82, Arkansas St 75
Harvard 57, @Houston 56 - pretty fatal for UH's at-large hopes

Las Vegas Classic:
USC 94, Wyoming 92 (OT) - so I don't think USC is THAT good, but they appear good enough to be bubble-relevant
Missouri St 69, DePaul 58

Diamond Head:
San Diego St 82, Tulsa 63
Stephen F Austin 67, Southern Miss 64
San Francisco 66, Illinois St 58
Utah 66, @Hawaii 52 - SDSU and San Fran is the title game here...I'm not sure what to make of any of these 8 teams.  One minor boon to Utah - this counts as a true road win

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