Saturday, December 6, 2014

12/6 preview

Impact game of the day:
Virginia at VCU - VCU is bleeding, just a little bit.  This would be a big ask of them.  As for Virginia, every road win like this would be a signature win and very helpful in try to separate from the other big boys in the ACC\

Other big-boy games:
Gonzaga at Arizona - Gonzaga won't have many opportunities like this available to them in February
St John's at Syracuse - if the Johnnies are serious about an at-large bid, this is highly recommended.  If Syracuse is serious about staying away from the bubble, this is mandatory
Boise St at St Mary's - typical upper-major game with typical at-large implications

Other notable notables:
Oklahoma St at South Carolina - let's find out if OSU is at least decent
Rutgers at Seton Hall - should be a layup for SHU
Wisconsin at Marquette - with MU struggling, the air is out of this matchup
St Joseph's at Villanova - should be trivial for 'Nova
Green Bay at Miami - could be a sneaky game, but GB did just get blown out at Georgia St
American at Illinois - not trivial for UI
Arizona St at Texas A&M - hey look, it's two irrelevant P5 teams
Kansas St at Tennessee - I'd characterize both teams as disappointing so far
Western Michigan at Northeastern - neat little matchup
Northwestern at Butler - mandatory for Butler
St Louis at Wichita St
Hawaii vs. BYU (neutral)
Harvard at Vermont - every road win matters, especially now that Yale seems relevant
Wake Forest at North Carolina St - ACC play is underway!
Alabama at Xavier
New Mexico at Valparaiso

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