Saturday, December 20, 2014

12/20 preview

There's impact everywhere and right at the beginning of the day.  Find a TV and park in front of it!

High-impact games:
VCU at Cincinnati - two teams desperate for quality wins.  Both have failed to some degree this non-con season to make at-large waves
SMU at Michigan - both teams are on the brink of falling completely out of the at-large race.  Mandatory for both
Syracuse at Villanova - SU can immediately fix a lot of their resume issues here, but it's a big ask
Ohio St at North Carolina - this is more for seeding positioning, but both are in some danger of falling out of the 2-3-4 area into the 6-7-8 area
UMass at Providence - Provi needs to stop a recent slide; this is probably UMass' last at-large stand
Indiana vs. Butler (neutral) - such a big bubble game for both
UCLA at Kentucky - it's a house money shot for UCLA in this game, but don't underestimate what it means for UK.  Quality win chances will dry up in conference play
Iowa vs. Northern Iowa (neutral) - Iowa at some point is going to need to amass some quality wins.  This would be a good start
Oklahoma vs. Washington (neutral) - good litmus test for Washington incoming
Utah vs. UNLV (neutral)

On the fringes:
Louisville at Western Kentucky - danger road spot for Louisville
Charlotte at Georgetown - not a trivial game for G'town
Vanderbilt at Georgia Tech
Missouri at Illinois
Purdue vs. Notre Dame (neutral)
Texas A&M vs. Kansas St (neutral)
North Carolina St vs. West Virginia (neutral)
Stanford at BYU

There's a million other games today, so get ready for a long recap tomorrow

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