Thursday, December 4, 2014

12/3 recap

Signature win of the day:
Duke 80, @Wisconsin 70 - given both of these teams are headed for the 1 line, this was a very important game for Duke.  This is a nice trump card to have in your pocket in March.  Duke moves to #1 overall on my S-Curve

Other signature win of the day:
@Utah 69, Wichita St 68 - welcome to the big boy table, Utah

Yet another signature win of the day:
@Notre Dame 79, Michigan St 78 - Michigan St, I'm starting to worry about.  But ND gets a signature win to stamp on the resume.  They didn't have much weight in their non-con SoS, so this was very important

My God, how many signature wins were there yesterday?
Iowa 60, @North Carolina 55 - UNC's gotta be in panic mode now.  And all of a sudden, Iowa's whiff in their Texas/Syracuse stretch is forgotten, with a signature road win

Significant results:
@Harvard 60, Northeastern 46 - after an early bobble, Harvard appears to be on all cylinders
Butler 77, @Indiana St 54 - road win
@Tulsa 77, Creighton 64 - I think reality will be setting in for Creighton soon
@Colorado St 65, UTEP 62
Virginia 76, @Maryland 65 - that's a good road win
Georgia Tech 66, @Northwestern 58

@St Joseph's 58, Temple 56
Dayton 66, @Miami(OH) 62 - road win
@Davidson 92, Charlotte 86
@Penn St 61, Virginia Tech 58 - this game deserves relegation to this section
Old Dominion 75, @George Mason 69 - road win
@Arizona St 77, UNLV 55 - I thought UNLV was much better than this
Villanova 84, @LaSalle 70 - road win
@New Mexico 62, New Mexico St 47
Idaho 77, @Washington St 71 - oy
@California 78, Montana 76 (2OT) - almost a disaster

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