Saturday, December 6, 2014

12/5 recap

Impact result of the night:
@SMU 66, Wyoming 53 - a win over Wyoming might not look so bad after all.  And besides, SMU needs any kind of quality win at this point.  Not a bad loss for Wyo, but it was their first roadie of the year.  Probably need to bink their next at Cal

Other impact results:
@Boston College 69, Providence 60 - not a game a bubble team can usually afford to lose.  Provi will be fine as long as the bleeding stops here
Yale 45, @UConn 44 - um, with the AAC being a tire fire, now is not the time to drop these games, UConn.  A cursory look at Yale's profile yields no signature win other than this one, so I'm not quite hopping on a 2-bid Ivy bandwagon...but they do play Florida next

@Kentucky 63, Texas 51 - UK stays on the 1 line, Texas on the 2, carry on
@Kansas 71, Florida 65 - KU has rebounded nicely, and Florida just can't do anything right
Coastal Carolina 58, @Auburn 54 - there's the SEC we know and love
@Oklahoma 82, Missouri 63
@Stephen F Austin 74, Long Beach St 45

Cupcake winners:  Louisville, Minnesota, Pittsburgh (ok, Duquesne defintely isn't a cupcake, but just didn't feel like listing out the score).

Also, MAAC conference play started last night.  Yippee.

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