Thursday, November 12, 2015


The season begins tomorrow.  If you're unfamiliar with the blog format, here's what we do here:

1) A recap post telling you every score of relevance from last night's games.  We tell you what results mattered, what didn't, and how it impacts the bracket.  The goal is to make sure no result goes under the radar.  That sexy mid-major pick get a road win?  We'll tell you.  Did a power conference school punt a horrible game that makes the whole conference look bad?  We'll tell you in our feature Catastrophic Loss of the Day.
2) A preview post telling you what you need to pay attention to today.  We'll highlight the games that will matter in March when you're looking at all those team sheets.  The goal is to make sure no game goes under the radar.

On a schedule:
1) Bracketology:  It'll be intermittent in November/December, but once January hits, we go weekly.  February we go twice-weekly, and we'll ramp up to daily updates and even more by Selection Sunday.
2) Bubble Watch:  Periodically this year, we'll get word-happy and provide a full-blown Bubble Watch for every team in the country.  These take time to write, so don't expect more than a few.  But these will include all the snapshot views you need to see before making your bracket.
3) Holiday tournaments:  Soon, we'll get preview posts up for each and every non-conference tournament ever.

1) Expect occasional posts dealing with topic like non-conference SoS, conference races, conference rankings, and the like.  I can't do detailed breakdowns for every team, so we'll highlight the unusual and noteworthy.

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