Monday, December 21, 2015

Early-season tournament preview, part IV

Hey, Christmas tournaments!

Global Sports Classic
Dec 21-22
4 teams in your standard format
The matchups:
Grand Canyon vs. Houston
Marshall vs. Wyoming
The stakes:  Not much to see here.  Houston could help the AAC a bit, though.

Las Vegas Classic
Dec 22-23
4 teams in your standard format
The matchups:
Kent St vs. SMU
Colorado vs. Penn St
The stakes:  Well, none for SMU.  Is Kent the best team in the MAC?  That conference feels wide open.  Colorado really needs to beat Penn St and give themselves a quality win chance against SMU.

Diamond Head Classc
Dec 22, 23, 25
8 teams in your standard format
The matchups:
Auburn vs. New Mexico
BYU vs. Harvard
Oklahoma vs. Washington St
Northern Iowa at Hawaii
The stakes:  Oklahoma looks pretty clearly the best team here, but all of a sudden a OU/UNI semifinal looks like the best game here.  It's not make-or-break for UNI since they just binked one against Iowa St, though.  So the stakes aren't as high here.  On the other end of the bracket, 2 teams are going nowhere (Auburn and Harvard) and New Mexico is teetering.  BYU is kinda forced into a situation where they need to win twice.

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