Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12/28 recap

One final full day of non-con action, pretty much everyone throttled back.

Signature win of the day:
@California 86, Davidson 60 - Cal acting like a tourney team (and Davidson starting to definitely look like a non-tourney team)

Catatstrophic loss of the day:
@Belmont 85, Valparaiso 81 - very tough ask to win at Belmont.  Valpo's still in fine position, but they can't afford a high raw number of losses, and this is one less they can afford in Horizon play
UC-Santa Barbara 83, @Washington 78

Postponement of the day:  New Mexico St at Wichita St

Cupcake winners:  UNC, Butler, Duke, Villanova, Utah, Louisiana Tech, Arizona St, St Mary's

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