Monday, October 5, 2015

Preseason BRACKET

1) North Carolina vs. 16) Texas Southern/Lehigh
8) Florida vs. 9) Northern Iowa
4) Baylor vs. 13) Montana
5) Purdue vs. 12) North Carolina St/Marquette
@Des Moines
3) Michigan St vs. 14) Hofstra
6) Notre Dame vs. 11) Davidson
2) Villanova vs. 15) Stony Brook
7) Utah vs. 10) Cincinnati

@Oklahoma City
1) Kansas vs. 16) New Mexico St
8) Tulsa vs. 9) Boise St
4) Wisconsin vs. 13) Harvard
5) Louisville vs. 12) Old Dominion
3) Gonzaga vs. 14) UC Irvine
6) Rhode Island vs. 11) Oregon St
2) Arizona vs. 15) South Dakota St
7) Michigan vs. 10) Buffalo

@St Louis
1) Kentucky vs. 16) Robert Morris
8) Dayton vs. 9) Florida St
4) Virginia vs. 13) Iona
5) Georgetown vs. 12) UCLA/Central Michigan
@Des Moines
3) Indiana vs. 14) North Florida
6) Xavier vs. 11) Texas
@St Louis
2) Wichita St vs. 15) Louisiana-Lafayette
7) Butler vs. 10) LSU

1) Maryland vs. 16) North Carolina Central/High Point
8) UConn vs. 9) Texas A&M
4) Iowa St vs. 13) Belmont
5) San Diego St vs. 12) Valparaiso
@Oklahoma City
3) Oklahoma vs. 14) Stephen F Austin
6) California vs. 11) Ohio St
2) Duke vs. 15) Wofford
7) Vanderbilt vs. 10) Oregon

Here's some odd things that showed up when I bracketed this:
1) Among the top 16 seeds, I have 3 ACC teams, 4 B1G teams, and 4 Big 12 teams.  This eventually led to the odd situation of not being able to separate the top 4 Big 12 teams into 4 separate regionals.  Well, I could, but I'd have to send several teams way away from their geographic preference.  Presented with this puzzle, I think the committee would put a 3 seed and 4 seed from the same conference together.
2) Rhode Island, going cross-country to play Oregon St in Spokane, then Gonzaga if they survive.  This is because they were the last 6 seed on my S-Curve.  If they were the first 7 seed, they'd play in Brooklyn.  I wonder if URI would gladly give up a seed in this scenario.
3) Oklahoma has a golden chance to play early in OKC, but they gotta beat out their Big 12 bretheren to do it.
4) Right now, I have a play-in game winner going to Spokane.  Here's the issue:  I only have 1 of 4 sites hosting a 12 seed being a Friday/Sunday site, and that's Spokane.  Same for the 13 line.  On the 11 line, 2 of 4 sites is a Friday/Sunday sites, but that's Spokane and OKC.  With UCLA in my play-in game, they need to be Friday/Sunday to allow them to travel...but Cal blocks them from OKC.  All and all, it's a mess, and I gave up since it's just the preseason, but early returns are that the sites closest to Dayton (St Louis and Des Moines and Brooklyn) won't be in position to actually host those winners.

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