Monday, November 14, 2016

24-hour Tip-Off Marathon

It's time to preview an artificially-created marketing tool for ESPN!

Now, there's actually a few decent games in here, so it's worth planning in advance to see which games are relevant.

Monday 7 EST:  Albany at Cincinnati
Monday 9 EST:  North Carolina Central at Ohio St
I lump these two games together - competent mid-majors at vulnerable power conference schools.  Odds feel good that someone gets an upset in one of these games.

Monday 10 EST:  Princeton at BYU
It's been a quiet ascension, but the top half of the Ivy League is now good.  This is a winnable game for Princeton, and a must-hold for BYU and the WCC in general.

Tuesday 12a EST:  San Diego St at Gonzaga
What a sexy game.  It's likely neither team will need this in order to make the tournament, so this is about seeding.  For both teams, quality win chances are small in February and March, so these really matter.

After this, there's a bunch of games in the middle of the night that I just can't endorse.

Tuesday 1 EST:  Dayton at Alabama
Such an important, important game for the SEC.  They need to legitimize themselves.  Holding serve at home over a A-10 favorite is the type of result they need.

Tuesday 330 EST:  Oregon at Baylor
Road wins are always valuable.  1 seeds win this game.  3 or 4 seeds lose this game.  Oregon, are you 1-line worthy?

Tuesday 7 EST:  Kentucky vs. Michigan St
Tuesday 930 EST:  Duke vs. Kansas
I hear these teams are good.

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